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Our Mission/Vision Statement

Faith Worship and Praise is a growing ministry led by the Holy Spirit. The mission and Charge of FWPDT is that we are a church moving through out the world preaching the gospel; Good News of Salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord.
»   We believe in the gift of discernment and that it shall be active in our lives.

»   We believe in being effective bold witnesses for Christ.

»   We believe in Baptism.

»   We believe that at the name of Jesus, devils are cast out of the lives of people and they will speak with
     new tongues of life and hope because of Christ Jesus.
»   We believe that we are courageous soldiers, ready for any task or assignment that Christ gives us
     without fear of the enemy, knowing that at the laying of our hands, the sick shall recover.  
»   We believe that we have to move in love because God is Love; therefore to have the greatest gift the
     Holy Spirit as our source of strength and courage.  
»   We desire to fulfill the work of our mission and ministry for Christ.
»   Our goal is to press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus and our vision statement
     is to be vessels of Christ by helping men and women make Christ their way of life. We are Anointed for
     Kingdom Building by establishing communities and family values!